It's not just a case of fitting solar panels to your property, it’s all in the design....
A poorly designed solar installation system could actually take much longer to pay itself back depending on the size and quality of panels you fit, their orientation and any shading nearby.
After carrying out a survey we will design a suitable system for your application.
For example if you are a manufacturer wanting to reduce your energy costs during production,
then an east/west elevated system may be a better solution than a full south facing system.
This is due to the changes in position of the sun throughout the day and more importantly
throughout the year. In the winter the sun typically rises South East and remains low whereas
in the summer it rises in the North East and remains high. A poorly designed solar system could
in some cases reduce the amount of potential energy been generation in the summer equinox .
We only fit quality Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline and Hybrid Solar Panels and each panel have different benefits depending on your application and geographic location.